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 State Theme
“Reflections of the Past; Visions of the Future”
“Praise Him who led his people through the wilderness, for his loving kindness continues forever.”
Psalms 136:16


During each administration, in addition to activities and projects accomplished at the state and national level, Maryland Daughters undertake special projects to further the objectives of history, education, and patriotism.




Happy Trails


This is a walk-a-thon that follows the 3,000 mile trail of Madonnas across the USA! See the attached history of the Madonna and of her pioneer spirit to share with your chapter members


Anywhere! Daughters count their steps each day and tally each week; then turn in at the end of the month. All steps count no matter where you are! Use a pedometer, Fitbit or devise your own method to count those steps, because all steps count!


Get ready, get set...go! As advised in our earlier announcement; Daughters can start counting steps September 15th, 2015 until February 29th, 2016!


To support the State Regent’s Historic Preservation Fund; which provides for the maintenance of the Maryland Madonna of the Trail statue, located in Bethesda.
There are 12 Madonna statues across the 3000 mile path: Bethesda, Maryland; Wheeling, WV; Beallsville, PA; Springfield, OH; Richmond, IN; Vandalia, IL; Lexington, MO; Council Grove, KS; Lamar, CO; Albuquerque, NM; Springville, AZ; and Upland, CA.


Daughters will count their steps and tally each month; then forward to their Regent (or designate) who in turn sends to the MSSDAR Ways and Means Chair. Ways and Means will track the combined steps for each chapter on a master spreadsheet. Each month, the Regent (or designate) will also forward one Daughter who has achieved the most steps within their chapter. Those steps will also be recorded and tallied by Ways and Means on a separate spreadsheet.

Madonna Trail Map

Daughters are encouraged to gain sponsors. Sponsors can donate a specified amount for every mile walked or make a one time donation. Suggested sponsorships are a penny a mile...but higher amounts are also welcome! If walking isn't a member's thing - ask that Daughter to register and sponsor another Daughter in your chapter. She'll receive the pin, bandana and certificate, proudly showing her support!

For MSSDAR purposes, we have established a distance of 3,000 miles for the length of the Madonna's Trail. Remember, 2000 steps equal one mile and they add-up fast each day!


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